• Steam locomotive

MAEMA “vaporevivo” was born in 2012 to relive the age of steam.
Through an enterprise of the precision mechanics sector, which was already started in 1989, we thought to join realization ability with the assistance of CAD-CAM and CNC machines to the passion for steam machines, to propose ourselves in the model collecting sector of large scales. In fact the enterprise is addressed to all self-builder of no standard catalogue models but who follow the purpose of realize locomotives and machines really steam functioning.

In this sense the enterprise wants to satisfy the request of realize all the parts, from the classic wheel with spokes to mechanical parts in general, which, in many cases, could be of difficult construction for a collector that can't use specific mechanical equipment.

For the realization we use technical drawings made with 3D program that our client gives us or we can make them in our company using traditional technical drawings with measurement. The relationship with our client is close quarters, because we want to achieve with precision the requirement and the quality requested and discuss every collaborative aspect of searching and development. Another fundamental aspect is the repetitiveness of every piece also if it's a long time distance as spares service.
In this web site you could see some typical products that give the idea of want we can do, the quality and the attention with which we develop our pieces and we wish they can make part of our demonstrative catalogue.